Places of Interests

Kamado Jigoku 1st District
(90 degrees Celsius)

The 1st District is a hell of brownish-red thermal mud. The color represents the transfer of a wide variety of sticky clays made from geothermal underground bedrock.


Kamado Jigoku 2nd District

A demon statue, a symbol of Kamado Jigoku, welcomes visitors here. Steam blows out at 100 degrees Celsius from between the rocks.


Blowing something that burns and smokes (e.g. cigarettes) into the steam doubles the amount of steam.

The two cooking pots are the couple’s cooking pots.


Kamado Jigoku 3rd District
(85 degrees Celsius)

The white material is amorphous silica.

They are deposits from hot springs, and it is estimated to take around 70 years to develop them.
This hell is cobalt blue.