Places of Interests2

Steam Bath for Throat/Skin

Gokuraku (paradise) 1 District through Gokuraku 4th District
Visitors can have a hot spring experience here.


Hot spring for drinking
Caution: Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water.
Steam bath for hand/foot
Steam bath for throat/skin : It moisturizes the skin.


Kamado Jigoku 4th District

4th District is a pond of thermal mud at 80 degrees Celsius.

The color of the pond represents the transfer of a wide variety of sticky clays made from geothermal underground bedrock.

It is not the color of ferric oxide.


Kamado Jigoku 5th District

The color of the pond changes in this strange hell.
This pond changes color suddenly several times a year.
It can be dark or light, blue or green.
We have no known cause: the forces of nature are mysterious.