Places of Interests3

Kamado Jigoku 6th District

The 6th District is the same thermal mud hell as the 1st and 4th Districts. The color used to be gray, but it has changed to what it is now over the years. The color is the result of a change in the iron contained in the soil after the transfer to the mud.


Footbath Area

Gensen Kakenagashi (Water flows directly from the hot spring source.)


There are three kinds of footbaths: the most recommended is the one with sand in it. Visitors are encouraged to try a footbath as it refreshes them.


Souvenir Shop Area

Kamado Jigoku Signature Hell Soy Sauce Pudding
The taste is as mild as no-bake cheesecake. It is a lightly sweetened, rich pudding.
Please try some!


Hot Springs Mineral Deposits: 10 sachets/unit. Those with atopic dermatitis are encouraged to try them.


Specially made Hell Soy Sauce is also available as a great souvenir.


Other souvenirs include Onsen Pidan (steamed egg), Ishigaki Manju (steam bun with sweet potato filling), and Gokuraku (paradise) soft cream.


Red Ogre Soft Cream: 350 yen. Topping vanilla soft cream with shichimi pepper makes a hell of the hot-sweet soft flavor. Once you try it, it may become a habit.


Happy Bell

If you ring the bell once, the devil may bring happiness to you!?
Ring the bell just once, please. Ringing it more than one time may put the devil in a bad mood…


7th District
The garden in the facility. Flowers are transplanted depending on the season. You will find a family of small devil statues in the garden.